About Us

Welcome to our CEA website!

Coventry Local School district services approximately 2,400 students.  Coventry just underwent major renovations and our schools are now all within walking distance of each other!  We are comprised of three schools: one high school for grades 9-12,   one middle school for grades 5-8, and one elementary school for grades Pre-K-4.  Starting the 2016-2017 school year, we’ll have a completely renovated and updated 5-8 middle school, a renovated Pre-K-4 elementary school at the old high school, the elimination of Turkeyfoot, and a brand new high school. Never has Coventry Schools looked so good!

We envision a caring and safe learning environment where all students are engaged everyday in meaningful activities which promote critical thinking and citizenship, as well as foster life-long learning.

Our purpose, as CEA, is to promote within the teaching group the highest type of professional practices, to encourage active participation of all teachers in the solution of school problems, to urge every member of the profession to be a progressive student of education, to arouse allegiance to a genuine spirit of professional ethics, to help set and promote the educational objectives of the local school system and the state of the union.


Commitment~ a pledge to do something. The state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to an ideal or course of action.


“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” — Albert Einstein


** This website is designed to help you not only as a CEA member, but as a professional educator. If you have any suggestions or helpful websites, feel free to pass them along and we’ll add them to our site. Together we can be CEA strong!