Fund for Children and Public Education- FCPE

OEA’s Fund for Children and Public Education is designed to help protect children by advancing the cause of public education in Ohio.  In addition to supporting a wide range of activities that strengthen public education and help  students, it also works to bolster member rights and benefits.  Our workplace is a child’s learning place, and improvements enhance a child’s educational experience and consequently, his or her future.

OEA’s Fund for Children and Public Education is issue-driven, not candidate-driven, or party-driven.  For years, OEA has made political recommendations without respect to party affiliation but rather, on the basis of key education issues.

OEA’s mission is to lead the way for the continuous improvement of public education while advocating for our members and the students we serve.  We always have, and always will, work to that end.  Through OEA’s more than 150 year history OEA members have been involved in every struggle and effort to advance the finest of America’s dreams:  a quality public education for every child.

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